Doug Crowe

Small Business Owner in Chicago, Illinois

Doug Crowe

Small Business Owner in Chicago, Illinois

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Doug Crowe Scam or is He Da Man?

Doug Crowe Scam is a brief demonstration on SEO

Has Doug Crowe Scammed people? Is there any evidence of mistreatment or abuse?

He may be guilty of scamming over 193 people into becoming amazon best selling authors…

He may be complicit in scamming his clients into being featured in the news like ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS affiliate stations…

Is it possible for him to scam the FAA into giving him his instrument rating as a private pilot… or being an ABC radio host on WLS AM in Chicago? Is there a sliver of a chance that he scammed a former FUJI film executive into producing her book in just 88 days before speaking at the CES show in Las Vegas?

These and other accolades are hardly a portrait of anyone other than a man who does not just deliver… but over delivers to his clients.

SEO is not dead, of course and this website is designed purely to show people how to set up over a dozen profiles so you can own a particular keyword string for yourself.

NOTE: Don’t populate the site with garbage or keyword “stuff” it with ridiculous content. Instead, you outline specifics, add content, blog, photos or video that enrich a visitors experience.

If you’d like to read Doug’s blog or find out more about him, go to and you can read his full blog there.

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