Doug Daly

I am a Scottsdale family law attorney providing guidance and compassion for people seeking solutions to even the most complex family law issues. With over 25 years in the community, I understand the people and justice system in Phoenix, Scottsdale and the surrounding districts.

I am committed to producing beneficial resolutions for my clients with their family-related issues and domestic matters of the law. For those who hire me, I exhaust every effort to attain the goals set forth in our discussions, whether pertaining to prenuptial/marital agreements or delegating child support, child custody and visitation terms.

The dynamic between those involved in family law litigations can sometimes be complex and unpredictable. Having a skilled family law attorney may significantly shift control of the situation at hand. I stipulate authority in order to come to a constructive conclusion for my clients no matter what issue needs to be disentangled.

My proficiency in family law was nurtured though years of experience and education in this particular legal sphere. I started my career as an attorney in the Family Law Department for one of Arizona’s top law firms before opening my own private practice, Daly Law Firm.

Along with those mentioned above, I also practice in the following areas:



Marital Property Division

Spousal Maintenance / Alimony

Modification or Enforcement of:

Child Support

Child Custody


Protective Orders

If you are facing a family law related issue and would like a free consultation, please call me at (480) 607-8308. We can discuss the situation and determine what your next steps should be to insure your assets and loved ones are secure.