Doug Emm

Hello there,

My name is Doug Emm. I am currently an undergraduate student at Azusa Pacific University. I believe what makes me stand out from most people is my desire to experience new and adventurous phenomenon’s in life. Recently I lived and worked for six months for a manufacturing company that produces promotional items in Shanghai, China. While there, I learned on a deeper level what really sparks my interests in life. One day, in the near future I plan to be an entrepreneur and run and operate my own successful business. Ever since I was young I have developed a interest in language. I believe that knowing another language is a very powerful tool, which has many benefits. It connects the dots between people and dealing with the logistics of business. I know nothing comes easy in life but if you are truly passionate and have a drive about something, anything is possible. I draw a lot of my inspiration from the late Steve Jobs who quotes, “Love what you do, stay hungry, and stay foolish.”

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