Douglas Kondor

Customer service, Foodservice, and Janitor in Skokie, Illinois

Hi I'm Douglas Kondor I am an advocate for people with mental illness, colon cancer. And I have also been known to advocate all acts aimed towards liberation. Life is tough but what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger I also advocate acts of catharsis, I love to cook, read, journal, and do yoga. I am also an independent artist. I love music of all sorts, even though I stick to genres like classic rock, trance, house, elektronika, and anything punk rock. I am a Punk Rocker by nature and by choice, I love skateboarding any it used to be a activity that I enjoyed doing for fun. Also my best friend Daniel Chase was a ska- punk, also a professional chef and a very experienced one at that. And he was a brother to me, he taught me the meaning of loyalty, and to stick up for what I believe in, I love reading anything americana, historical, and cultural studies. I was always taught to stick up for what I believe in, the same should go for anybody else, because we are the only ones who can take the first step in the process to make the world a better place. Life is a journey to find out who you are, and with age though it might take time, you will soon find out that possibly who you once were could make you blossom into something much more than beautiful than anything you could ever think possible. It's a learning experience, there is no easy way to go in life, strive to better yourself Never ever be afraid to show who you really are, and love who you want to love Don't ever let anybody tell you that your wrong in anyway for being who you are destined to be and who you want to be. Be Strong, Be Yourself, Shine On

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    • Changing My Life Around
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    • Devereaux Texas Treatment Center
    • Larkin High School
    • Libertyville High School - Butler Lake