Douglas Reeves

Writer, Public Speaker, and Consultant in Boston, Massachusetts

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Douglas Reeves is the author of more than 30 books, he has twice been named to the Harvard University Distinguished Authors Series and was named the Brock International Laureate for his contributions to education.

Dr. Douglas Reeves received both the Distinguished Service Award from the National Association of Secondary School Principals and the Parent's Choice Award for his writing for children and parents. His career of work in professional learning led to the Contribution to the Field Award from the National Staff Development Council.

For his international work, Dr. Douglas Reeves was named the William Walker Scholar by the Australian Council of Educational Leaders.

Doug Reeves has endowed several permanent funds for the University of Wyoming, including programs in literacy, music education, libraries, art, music composition, debate, and "Opera in a Gym," bringing full-length operas and classical music to rural communities throughout the area.