Douglas Miller

In 2011, after utilizing the Direct Sales industry as a training ground, and as a school of hard knox for nearly two decades, the economy and I decided it was time to collaborate my efforts as a Certified Behavioral Consultant for Leadership and Entrepreneurial Development with the high-profile American-Based International Nutrition Company...Vemma.

This newly formed marriage has been nothing short of a Grand-Slam in forging the way for our friends, relatives & colleagues to experience a refreshing vigor of health and financial reward.


The ability to help people experience new-found quality of health, energy & vitality through physician developed, pharmaceutical grade-clinically tested, ALL NATURAL formulas has been an enormous blessing to many! One of the most rewarding attributes of my life now is to listen to the needs of people who are hurting physically and to simply be able to share something that is proven with them that can fill those needs by going to work for them at their cell structure level.

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Growing up, I never thought I would see the time when America would become so outsourced/jobless. Our culture demographics have become almost unrecognizable as when we were kids with endless dreams. Fortunately for those of us who have not lost their desire to live a comfortable lifestyle, or provide a path for others to thrive in tough economic times, there is a way to bring whatever skill sets you have and team up with people who are passionate about saving their dignity and the dignity of others.

As the Principal Brand Partner of Training & Development for The Ohio Vemma Team, I want to personally invite you to contact me at (330) 575-1311 to get a better understanding of what we are looking for and what we offer.

No Direction, No Experience, No Formal Training ...NO PROBLEM. As long as you have a desire for betterment or change, we have already established common ground!

I look forward to hearing from you!

All the best!