Douglas McQuiston

Douglas McQuiston is an exceptional dog trainer who embodies the best qualities of his profession. He has an abundance of patience, an uncanny ability to communicate with dogs and understand their body language, and is a person with whom dogs immediately forge a connection. His training methods have been honed over the years to a level where marked changes can be observed in a dog’s behavior after an initial session with her. The individualized training program which he developed for dogs and their human companions are based on positive reinforcement. The training program he devises for your dog is built to fit your New York City lifestyle and schedule.

Douglas owes much of his knowledge to fellow New York City Dog Trainer, Elisabeth Weiss. She's been a major motivation to providing effective, positive training.

He’s training method takes into account that many unwanted behaviors in the dog are the result of inadvertent signals from the human. He’s training program does not use coercion or punishment, and in fact Douglas never uses the word “no”. All he’s instructions are based on the premise that dogs are hard-wired to please humans, and that once the dog understands what is required, the desired behavior will be exhibited. The emphasis is on creating a loving and friendly atmosphere for the dog with positive reinforcement for the desired behaviors.

A visit to Douglas with your dog for an initial session will give you an idea of her competence. What will be immediately apparent to you will be he’s gentle and caring nature, as well as your dog’s affinity towards him. You will see how the time that you spend with your dog can be made more rewarding, fun and safe. In fact, the positive changes in your dog’s behavior could result in a changed atmosphere at home as it has done for many of Douglas’s clients.