Douglas Gunby

Lead Pastor at The Contender’s Church, Lithonia Georgia - Douglas Gunby believes he is called to empower men to contend for their faith, their families, and their futures.
Different in every way imaginable -- from his sermons to his style -- Douglas Gunby is challanging all the myths, stereotypes and traditions related to church. On any given Sunday you will find him communicating with laser focus on the Word of God, with simplicity and practical application. His goal is to build a foundation for the home, speaking directly to men, teaching them that they bear the responsibility for leadership in the home.

Husband to Tamar Gunby, and father to DeShon, Jaylyn, and Tiffanni, Gunby’s background is deeply rooted in the church. Through personal experience and ob- servation, he realized many in the church seek success in the public eye and fail in their private lives. Discovering that the current model is flawed and in need of repair - he penned the book System Failure: Remedy for The Broken Family. The system is broken, the book asserts, and he believes that building men is the key to transforming their families first, and then commnities.

Just as Contenders Church was born from a revelation of Jude 1:3: “..that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints," Gunby insists his ministry could be the answer for the Christian who has become so dissolutioned with church that they choose to stay at home on Sundays. Adds Gunby, “I want to find those who are tired of being lied to and manipulated.” Contenders isn't interested in being the next megachurch, he says. “I don’t want to franchise Contender’s; I want to further the gospel.”