Douglas Jennings

Stafford County

Douglas Jennings Real Estate Consultant. Douglas started his Real Estate Career in North Stafford in 1979 with Mount Vernon Realty. Doug continued working in the residential market in Stafford and Spotsylvania counties until 1985.Having been one of the TOP 10 agents with Mounty Vernon realty year after year he became interested in the land development opportunity.

In 1985 Doug opened up a development company with the owner of Mount Vernon realty the sole owner of one of the largest privately owned Real Estatae company in Northern Virginia. Owning over 50 offices and very well respected in the market place.

opened a Commercial Division for Mount Vernon Realty and had over 15 agents working in hte office up until I took over FULL time the demands of my develpment Company and seeing to the day to day operations.

Doug was teh CEO and ran the day to day operations of the company and worked with the engineers and county in the design and approvals of the projects. Significant applicantions in rezoning and approvals necessary for the process.

Projects developed :

Eastern View 150 Unity residential home project on RT 610 Garrisonville Rd Stafford County
Dawning Point Commercial Day Care Center Garrisonville Rd built for tenant/owner
Courthouse Rd Commercial Office Building, built for our Development Company over 6000 sq. ft.
Ridge Point 275 unit residential home project home project on Deacon Rd Stafford County
Rezoned multiple land parcels and resold to builder/Developers in Stafford and Spotsylvania Counties
Camelot subdivision 300 unit residential project on Gordon road, Spotsylvania County
Spotslee Subdivision 60 unit residentail project on Spotslee Rd, Spotslyvania County
We went on to purchase and rezone and sell undeloped projects to builders and developers in the area and were involved in multiple projects in Stafford, Spotsylvania and King Geoge County.

Waterfront project: consisted of over 300 acres and this project was engineered, soil work done and final approval of plats for recordation.(never developed recession hit)

Fairview Beach Restaurant and Campground, we purchased and leased restaurant while rezoning rear parcel for 50 unit condo project (never developed recession hit)

In 1989 the recession hit an Banks were calling notes left and right and the RTC Resolution Trust Corporation stepped in and demanded performances by ban

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