Douglas B. Constable

Chairman and CEO in Winston-Salem, NC

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Douglas B. Constable has worked as CEO, Chairman, and Partner of various notable organizations. His roles grew by time and as a result-driven individual, he produced gigantic revenue and profitability.

Doug Constable is a successful negotiator; he sold many organizations throughout his roles and maintained strong relationships with banks, lenders and credit unions.

Douglas Benjamin Constable is currently serving as a CEO for Kruger Plastic Products. He has also led some entrepreneurial ventures where he owned 3 locations of automotive business - Momentum Auto Sales, LLC (1999-2005), owned baseball and softball instructional facility offering instruction and competitive level experience of children and adults of all ages (Hitting Zone Sport 2006 – 2016).

Douglas B. Constable also owns Outcome Solutions, LLC (2006 – present) where he provides specialized consultation for the launch of devices and corresponding design, engineering, sourcing, manufacturing and overall management.

Douglas Benjamin Constable served as Tax Consultant at Fust, Charles, Chambers & Harfosh, CPA’s from 1987 to 1990. He specialized in providing services to small business and income tax clients; he was also responsible for the total management of numerous clients (stakeholder’s) relationships.

To this date, Douglas B. Constable has generated $7.5 M EBITDA and grew the company from $11 M (at acquisition) to $50 M (with more future growth expected).