Douglas Farah

Washington, D.C.

Security strategist and transnational crime expert Douglas Farah presently fulfills an assortment of duties in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. As an Americas Program adjunct fellow for the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Farah lends his insights on activity in South and Central America, especially as it relates to insurgencies, instability, and criminal groups. For Alexandria, Virginia's International Assessment and Strategy Center, Douglas Farah uses his position as a senior fellow to advise members on failing states and terrorist cells. He also serves as President of IBI Consultants, LLC, through which he advises government agencies and private foundations.

Over the span of his career, Douglas Farah has received a number of professional accolades, including Columbia University's Maria Moor Cabot Prize, the Johns Hopkins University Recognition of Excellence in International Reporting award, and the Sigma Delta Chi Distinguished Service Award. He has covered drug money in Colombia, organized crime in the Caribbean, and diamond trafficking in West Africa. Farah holds bachelor's degrees in journalism and Latin American studies from the University of Kansas, where he earned highest honors.

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    • IBI Consultans
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    • University of Kansas