Douglas Giampapa

CEO in Montclair, New Jersey

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An entrepreneur and founder of multiple ventures across different industries with 12 years of business experience. As CEO of Healthycell since 2015, he built the company from the ground up, with an average YoY growth of nearly 100%. He successfully raised over $1M in equity capital, assembled the team, organized operations, managed marketing, and led the company to operational break-even in March 2017. He continues to grow the company and is now raising a Series A growth capital round. Skilled in entrepreneurship, problem-solving, business planning, execution, integrated marketing, sales, and clear communication. A graduate of Cornell University.

Building on its initial success, Healthycell's USP is to address the unmet need created by the poor bioavailability that plagues most supplements. Derived from the approach used by the pharma industry to deliver poorly soluble drugs, we have developed (with our R&D partners) a next-gen BioActive Gel™ nutrient delivery system designed to provide peak absorption by combining nano-particulate nutrients with a unique natural fiber gel that releases active nutrients at specific sites of absorption in the GI tract. This innovation is strongly differentiated and will be a revolutionary change in the way that people take supplements.

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