Douglas Halfpenny

Thought Leader in Stratford, Ontario, Canada

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My name is Douglas Halfpenny

As a professional, I spent 32 years as a Medical Laboratory Technologist in Ontario and British Columbia, Canada. My passion then and my passion now is to make a difference in people's lives.

As a Medical Technologist, I was drawn to broken laboratories; those having a failing grade in quality control or Governmental Licencing. I relished the challenge to rebuild, restore and re-license these labs.

I am now drawn to another broken system; Internet Marketing and Multi-level or Network Marketing. The break is apparent in the disconnect between the "gurus" and those trying to enter the system. The so-called gurus are peddling their "patent" solutions which while fundamentally true are incomplete and unworkable without a massive infusion of cash!

Now that I am retired, my passion is to assist other Baby Boomers who would like to retire to navigate the new world of Social Economics ... making money online through Social Networking and Social Marketing ... to supplement or augment their retirement income.