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December 20th 2006 was the beginning of a new way of life for my daughter, my son, my wife and myself. We were on our annual family winter vacation…when it happened. My daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, at the age of nine, while we were on vacation. She went into the ICU on Dec 20th and for the next five days the world stood still for our family. I spent every moment sitting and waiting, as the doctors could not tell me what the final outcome was going to be, as her potassium level was so far off, from the diabetes, it was just touch and go. I cannot tell you the exacted moment that the doctors walked in and said “you can take her home now”…but I can tell you the day, December 25th, 2006. As you can imagine, the 25th of December is a very special day for our family.

From that day forward, my life became about trying to find how I could help my daughter and all those who have been affected by this disease. Six and half years ago I was honored to start build something that might help those afflicted...and after seven years of struggles, stumbles and more than my far share of set backs, I was awarded the patent for the new device. We are now moving to where the hard part begins, the long process of building and testing our new device. But in the long run, hopefully this new device will bring some needed hope, help and maybe a little easier way of life to all those afflicted with the conditions that are related and caused by the condition…a main example being renal disease.

So in the words of my Alma Mater...always take a stand and Fight On!


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    • CIG, RBG, UPS
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    • Monterey Institute of International Studies