Douglas Karpen

Douglas Karpen, DO, is a passionate professional who continues to challenge himself with his unwavering dedication to improving the healthcare system.

Douglas attended A.T. Still University, College of Osteopathic Medicine where he earned a medical degree in addition to his B.S. in Chemistry and Zoology with a minor in Mathematics. Afterwards Karpen furthered his education with an internship at Doctors Hospital and Grady Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. He has previously worked at Memorial Hospital and Woodland Heights Hospital in Texas where he practiced cosmetic surgery, manual therapy and procedures in sports medicine.

Most recently, Douglas Karpen operates out of Texas as a Certified MUA Physician. Karpen is a firm believer in improving the field of medicine, specifically manual therapy treatment, which is a system used to improve soft tissue movement using controlled release, myofascial manipulation and mobilization techniques while the patient is under sedation from anesthesia. Initially used in the 1930's, MUA breaks up scar tissue around a joint that is not experiencing complete range of motion and has been increasingly prevalent in treating recurring pain. Douglas also works with Hydrated Infusuion Therapy as a rejuvenation therapy for his patients. Aside from this, Karpen has dedicated himself to ICare Institute, where he helps his patients lose weight through I-Lipo without surgery.

Douglas Karpen is leading the way in healthcare advancement. His mission is to prevent dependance on prescription medication and find alternative ways to treat ailments.

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