Douglas Kordel

An attorney with experience as both in-house and outside legal counsel, Douglas Kordel currently directs the legal affairs and compliance issues for Proforma, an international franchising business. Mr. Kordel represents Proforma in all litigation matters and produces the legal documents and agreements for its franchise holders. In addition to his responsibilities as General Counsel, Douglas Kordel is a member of Proforma’s operating committee and directs the human resources department. Douglas Kordel joined Proforma in 2003.

An expert in franchise law, employment law, and corporate and transactional law, Douglas Kordel has addressed the National Meeting of the National Society of Compliance Professionals and served on its faculty from 2000 to 2002. Mr. Kordel regularly speaks at the Proforma conventions on matters relating to recruitment, mergers and acquisitions, and best practices. With Proforma franchises located across North America, Douglas Kordel must ensure that each one meet compliance issues set by the Federal Trade Commission and the various states, territories, and Canadian Provinces.

A member of the International Franchise Association, Douglas Kordel produces Proforma’s franchise disclosure documents, including the franchise agreement, security agreements, software licensing and support agreements, and the guaranty agreement. Additionally, Mr. Kordel works with financial groups to negotiate and draft revolving credit contracts, working capital loans, and any secured transactions involving mortgages, deeds of trust, or liens. Douglas Kordel attended The University of Toledo where he received his Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Information Systems.

Mr. Kordel participated in student government and belonged to the Order of Omega national honor society. Douglas Kordel received his Juris Doctor from the University of Dayton School of Law, graduating in the top 12 percentile of his class.