Douglas Ross

Ontario Canada

Are you asking yourself what does it mean to be human and how do I achieve true happiness? I am walking that path. Let's walk together.A lot of good people are suffering greatly these days. I know this. I understand suffering. I am learning compassion. what are you learning from your suffering?My journey is about my life, my family and my work. What is your journey ?I am a coach. That is what I do. i have been a construction worker, a hockey player, a public school teacher, an HR Director, and an organizational development consultant.My family journey is complex. I have seven children. I wrote a book called Hug The Moment for my two youngest.My work journey has made me equally comfortable on the shop floor or in the boardroom. My book entitled Discretionary Effort Leadership should be on the shelves in the fall.My personal journey is the exploration of that ancient journey of integrity into the heart where wisdom is uncovered and authenticity is revealed.My clients are ordinary people from all walks of life.I have worked with individuals from Canada, USA, Norway, Australia, United Arab Emirates and Nigeria. Everyone was going through suffering in their life.Sessions lengths vary to according to schedule and needs. Usually we would communicate over via phone, skype or google hangouts.I have also worked with people at all levels (Union members, front line supervisor, middle managers and directors) of globally competitive multinationals (GM, Textron, and Rockwell).This included different religious, sexual, leadership orientations in every demographic within the organization.The partial quotes from the people I work tells you about me.“Easy to get along with, quick to listen; slow to speak; grounded”“When I started working with Doug, I only brought an open mind, and a desire to learn something new! WOW!!!!! I find myself finally "doing" things that I had only previously thought about. I recommend him to anyone who is lucky enough to get some of his time!”“To be in Doug’s council is to be in a position of professional and personal growth.”“Amazing professional”“Formidable technical acumen with the highest standards of personal and professional integrity”“Voice of reason and calm"