Douglas Scheuerer

Mechanical Engineering Professor in Los Angeles, California

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A learned Professor of Mechanical Engineering with an experience of 15 years. During the course of fifteen years, thousands of students across Los Angeles have benefitted from the expertise over the subjects. The areas of expertise include Kinematics and Fluid Thermodynamics.

Was Awarded a First Class Honors Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from The American University for Science and Technology and passed the course with a distinction. After further industrial experience at a well-known Company, received M. Sc. in Applied Mechanics at California Institute of Technology - Caltech. Prior to joining as a lecturer, had five years experience as a structural analyst in the nuclear power industry and was concerned with high temperature and seismic assessment of reactor structures.

Also awarded a Chair in Solid Mechanics in 2009. Has served as the Pro-Dean for Engineering at College of Engineering, Computer Science and Technology in Los Angeles. The Main fields are incorporate car body building, limited component investigation, and configuration/fabrication.

Participated in a number of conferences around the world.

In free time, likes cooking, spending time with family, boating, enjoying favorite sports like soccer, baseball, and table tennis. Besides that, also likes to sketch, paint, and travel.

Contributes to many charitable causes.