Stand Mixer Maintenance

I bought this mixer for my wife recently. We have used it for making dough, cookies, brownies, and frosting so far. The stand mixer maintenance is easy.

Now I need to have it fixed, I am a loyal Kitchenaid customer, all my appliances are from the Pro Series. I have wanted a kitchenaid mixer ever since I was a kid and we used one in culinary school.

I got the same mixer in black licorice and I absolutely love it! This mixer is easy to use and to clean. This mixer is not for one batches though-- it can not mix it very well.

I got this as a house warming gift and it has been a delight ever since. After nearly a year of making cookies like crazy it shows no signs of giving up, in fact it seems to be getting better with each use. The sexy red color is a definite bonus for my kitchen.

I've owned mine for 4 years this coming Mother's day and I have used it at least once a week (sometimes more). No more standing over the bowl with a hand mixer. I can go off and prepare other parts of the dessert or what ever else it is that I am making.

I have not tried making a cake so have not observed the flying batter described in earlier reviews but I appreciate knowing that it might be time to drag the pouring shield out of the cupboard when I make cakes !! I also make spreads and dips and this beater does great with them. I highly recommend this if you love to use your Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer as much as I do.

I bought this beater and had it sent to sunny Australia (it retails for more than double the price here!). It's a great beater that really brings all the ingredients in, and forces them into the middle. My only criticism is that there can still be dry ingredients left in the bottom of the bowl, so you still need to make sure you get your spatula down and force them out and through the rest of the mix.

I was looking forward to using this with my older model 4.5 quart KitchenAid. Switched to the original beater and it was fine. I 'd rather scrape the bowl than clean up the entire kitchen.

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