Douglas Terry

Estate Sale Liquidation Service, Social Media Marketing, Management & Analysis, and Sales & Customer Service in New York

Douglas Terry

Estate Sale Liquidation Service, Social Media Marketing, Management & Analysis, and Sales & Customer Service in New York

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Home based in the picturesque Hudson Valley - I have created a business from the ground up that EMPOWERS my clients & their families, local communities, localized secondhand markets, & Environmental Awareness by offering a number of Estate Sale Services to the tri-state area (New York|New Jersey|Connecticut)

Where every other Estate Sale business will brag about their number of Sales & Decades in the Industry, Truth-be-Told, 'traditional' companies only will only extend Contracts to Sales that will potentially generate the highest revenue, in the most highly-trafficked; easily marketable area's...

Leaving the "Other", less-appetizing ones up the Creek without a paddle. They've become selectively-picky over the years complacent with their process.

That didn't sit well with Entrepreneur & Owner Douglas Terry - who upon upon entry into his perspective Industry showcased his competitive advantages in Research Analysis; establishing & defining patterns, trends, KPI's in respect to SEO, Internet Software & Social Media Marketing Analytics to single-out & follow the Top Estate Sale Companies, Estate Sale Resources, & other Designated Authorities and Leaders within his targeted niche.

Then leveraging this expertise through the proper channels until he became a bonafide-Authority in the space himself... being quoted on Industry-leading publications & websites.

In diagnosing the ES Industry, upon his research he decided that it was a tragedy that these unattended, burdened-families had no place to turn...

Consequently, Doug decided conventional ES-practices, naturally, are flawed systems; deciding to do a 100% rehaul on entire process..

Instead of spending the $1,000's on Overhead, Rent, Advertising, Marketing, Website Development, etc…

He would finally have a chance to prove his Digital & Social Media Marketing Prowess, Search-Engine-Optimization & Website-Development Skills, Business Expertise, complemented by a Career in Sales & Marketing.

By mitigating many of these Costs & Expenses every ES business eventually succumbs to at some point during their growth to pay by leveraging our Internet-Expertise to organically connect & engage with our audience.

This allowed us the ability to custom-tailor our Service to work with any level of Estate as we’ve cautiously have been perfecting every new step in the process - meanwhile a Traditional ES Business wouldn’t be able to turn a profit, nor be able to take your Sale.

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