Douglas Vandivier

Financial consultant Douglas "Doug" Vandivier, has worked as a trader, philanthropist, and entrepreneur since the 1980s. A graduate of the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida, Vandivier also obtained his Associate degree at Polk Community College in 1981 in Winter Haven, Florida, where he studied business. Alongside his professional associations and work, Douglas Vandivier has been involved with numerous charitable works over the course of his career.

Doug Vandivier's hobbies and philanthropic interests extend to sporting activities and animal rights, respectively. He has supported rescue shelters including the ASPCA, as well as Best Friends. Since its 1866 founding, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has invested in animal rights through donations, shelters, and programs designed to assist animal care; it operates through the support of individuals like Doug Vandivier. He also supports the USO, which provides care to American troops abroad through community donations and supplies. Alongside this work, he engages in hobbies that include swimming, skiing, and scuba diving. He also enjoys motorcycle riding and sports fishing.

In a professional capacity, Douglas Vandivier has worked in business since the mid-1980s. At Greentree Securities, he served as a Stock Broker where he obtained several federal investment banking licenses during his four-year tenure there. He then went on to a role at Commonwealth Financial, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where he earned additional licenses, including a commodities license. Finally, through the 1990s, he also worked as an entrepreneur through buying and selling real estate.

In addition to these projects, he has a large family life. Doug Vandivier is married with one daughter, who has three children; his son-in-law is currently serving in Afghanistan on his third tour of duty.