Doug Rohrer

Software Engineer in Cincinnati, Ohio

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Known across the InterTubes(TM) as JeetKunDoug, Doug is a husband, father, musician, aspiring bicyclist, and believer in the oxford comma. He's been developing software professionally since 1991, when he started C/UNIX development as a 15-year-old intern. An incomplete list of programming languages he's used include C, C++, multiple assembly languages, Delphi (Object Pascal in case you don't remember), Java, PHP, Python, PERL, .Net (C#/VB.NET), Elixir/Erlang, and Ruby. He's spoken at several conferences about his early experience with Elixir in IoT, including StrangeLoop, LambdaJam, and the One-Day Internet of Things day in Oslo, Norway, along with other talks from bygone ages about .Net-related things.

So JeetKunDoug? It comes from the fact that he studied Jeet Kun Do for several years, and believes that one of the most important things Bruce Lee brought to the martial arts was his constant search for new and different techniques, never allowing his art to become static and unchanging. Thus, Doug is a Specializing Generalist, always trying to learn new things and find "what works for him" when it comes to software development.