doug shear

Writer in Miami, Florida

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Getting ready to perform the Flash Play NO PICTURES PLEASE!

Doug Shear is the author of Rhubarb Culture, a futuristic novel set in a Miami, where a Survivalist and his suicidal girlfriend attempts to survive while dodging police, corporate thugs and a New Age suicide cult.

American Karma: Twilight of the Marijuana Gods, his second book, highlights Doug’s real-life hitchhiking experiences through America in the 1970s and his unwitting involvement in one of the most notorious ‘Get Rich Quick’ scams of the twentieth century.

In addition, Doug has written ‘Saint Peter at the Gate’ a stage play produced in Toronto, ON and Boca Raton, Fl. Saint Peter at the Gate spotlights four car accident victims as they attempt to convince St. Peter to allow them entry through Heaven's Pearly Gates.

He’s also written and performed, "A Loophole in Law of Karma" at the Life Out Loud event in Ybor City, Fl. and "Nitro and Glycerin" and "Mudfishing" at the Actor's Playhouse in Coral Gables, Fl. One of his performances is featured in the book "Badass!"

His monologue "Escort Wanted" was directed and performed by two different actors and directos as part of the New Theatre Miami Festival at Artistic Vibes.

To blow off steam, Doug often performs stand-up at seedy local clubs that he’d never visit as a patron.

His work has also appeared in the Miami Herald, Miami New Times, and the Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine.