Doug Swing

Hi friends, family, and those others interested. My name is Doug. I am a very blessed man. I am 50ish going on 60ish and live in the Sunhine state. I spend my younger life as a firefighter, working for the ity of Crestview Fire Department since October of 1974 in one capacity or another. I did it old skool. You know, dangling off the back of trucks driving like maniacs with just a 2 man crew. We rolled hard in those days. But alas...the years go by and before you know it you are eligible to retire. Well they didn't have to tell me twice. On the 20th day of August 2005 that's exactly what I did. I served with a few volunteer companies for 2 years after that and decided that the fire service is a young man's game and turned in my gear. No sirens, no air horns, no more 3 A.M. calls... best decision I have made. It was a great calling, but all good things do come to an end... I am thankful for the wonderful men and women that choose to serve their communities in public safety. I had the best people in the world watching my back for over 30 years.