Doug Welch

I am unique in that I have worked extensively in all sides of technology globalization: international product sales, international product support, globalization engineering, technical & patent translation.

I've acted as employee and consultant in this area for both large and small companies.

Having spanned the globalization spectrum, I'm singularly well endowed with the vision and experience to coordinate those functions in rolling out new products to non-US markets.

I can keep up with the deepest techie requirements discussions (hardware or software) but I also understand firsthand the challenges in sales/marketing and support in remote markets as well as the cultural requirements.

Moreover I have many years of experience in product managment from the globalization perspective. And from the other side, I am deeply experienced in translating itself and in managing large tranlsation projects.

In all I lived abroad for 10 years in England, Japan and Hong Kong and I traveled to 28 countries in my work. I have spent the most time in Asia and especially Japan and I speak, read and write Japanese and use in professionally. I have helped launch several companies into Asian markets.

I have an MS/BS in Computer Science with a minor in Japanese (UCSD) and an ME in Japanese to English Technical Translation (UWM)