Michelle Grosodonia Maiola

Doula, Reiki, and Yoga in Rochester, NY

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Michelle is a Full Spectrum doula. She is passionate about the birth process and making birth inclusive for everyone. She seeks to support the birthing person as well as anyone else who is part of their journey. It was during her yoga teacher training in 2013 during the prenatal section that Michelle fell in love with how the body changes during birth. Since then she has been studying and furthering her knowledge of birth and yoga. She is extremely honored to be able to hold space for her clients and honor the process for those who are going through the pregnancy journey.

Michelle is a registered yoga teacher and Reiki Master. She loves sports, her family/heritage and has a passion for learning.

Feel free to contact me through the Hire me tab. I always include a free information session to see if we would be a good fit to work with each other.