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The personal finance and bill paying app doxo was established more than a decade ago in Seattle. The founders are quite famous and they are the types of idea people and venture capitalists who have had a hand in most of the greatest advances in the technology business. For example, one of its founders and initial finances was Jeff Bezos of Amazon, through his Bezos Expeditions.

The idea behind doxo is based on the concept that paying your bills every month is a thankless chore that should be far easier. Among the most popular features of the doxo system is its ability to upload and store all important family documents, including statements and bills from mortgage companies, car finance companies, insurance companies and much more. According to doxo reviews, this seems to be the most popular feature of the service, possibly because it's so unique. You not only get a warning that a bill is due, and a notice that it's been paid. To keep track of family budgeting and spending, you can examine every bill whenever you want.