Dr. Aakash Chowdhary

General Practitioner in Delhi, India

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Dr. Aakash Chowdhary is a general practitioner, registered with the Delhi Medical Council, India, after getting trained at the 980-bedded Hindu Rao Hospital, Delhi.
Aspiring to be a surgical ophthalmologist, he has his keen interest in evidence-based-medicine and technology-driven healthcare solutions.

Practising with the idea of holistic healthcare, he provides valuable contribution to the COVID-19 Open Research, Data & Resources, curates data for COVID19 Connect.
He used to provide pro-bono medical tele-consultation at the New Delhi Children’s Hospital & Research Centre amidst the COVID19 lockdown.

He has also co-authored an art-poetry anthology, titled Elision of Moments, and identifies himself as a curious and pluripotent person, always looking at different avenues to satiate his hunger for learning and information.

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