Doc Flay

Evil Genius and Consultant in Falmouth, Cornwall

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Most of my time online is spent helping those in need.
I am most active in the games scene with the creative side of the Unreal series, and in the music scene with mashup producers.
Many of those artists are hosted on the label I run for free music called "Fishy Business".

Friday nights I put on my DJ hat and join my co-host for "15% Extra" on "The Source FM" 96.1 FM
We feature many independent artists and rare tracks on the radio show, along with bar-room philosophy and unusual facts, we use our geek-powers to decrypt the latest security and tech news.

Part of being the Holistic PC Doctor involves advising small businesses with a range of IT subjects including Search Engine Optimization, security, and background checks on people or companies (often bogus SEO companies).
But mostly I teach IT skills to the individuals I am fixing PCs for.
I find that by taking a holistic approach with computers, I get less jobs that were easily avoided, and those I teach can continue teaching themselves.

I moderate and admin at various sites for both my main interests, and it keeps me very busy and unable to be as creative as I want.
Such is the price of being useful.
As I am never without a camera, I do manage to get a lot of photos by happy chance, and because I prefer the natural and rare moments.
Mostly my photos are untouched so I can show the real natural beauty.
Occasionally I indulge in photo-manipulation and composition, such as the background picture of the rare "Lesser-spotted flying dog".

Occasionaly I have fits of poetic madness, and write my often adult but always humourus outbursts down. The ones that people like most are then posted on my blog for the wider public.

I am easy to track down and you can contact me in many ways. My many IM/chat details are in all my site profiles, so you can pick whichever is easiest for you.
If you have no IM access, then you can use webIRC and join me deep in the nerd-zone at 333networks.

Oh yeah and I'm still a complete C=AMIGA freak :D

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    • Dr. Flays Cybernetics Lab.
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    • Helston School
    • Truro iTech