Dr. Mel Richardson, Veterinarian

I am a captive wild animal health consultant. More than 40 years experience from zookeeper to veterinarian. I have cared for animals in zoos, circuses, drive-thru wildlife parks, and private animal owners. I was Mountain Gorilla Veterinarian from 9/92 until 3/93 when war forced an evacuation from Rwanda. I was Project Director for the Brazzaville Gorilla Orphanage in the Republic of the Congo from 12/95 until 7/96. I was veterinarian with Performing Animal WelfareI Society in San Andreas, CA. I acted as Project Veterinarian for Animal Defenders International's Bolivian Circus Lion Rescue 12/09 through 2/11. Working to inform and educate the public to the reality of the suffering endured by captive wildlife, I assist groups and like minded individuals by reviewing records, site visits, and expert testimony where needed.

I encourage all to see this film being released April 23rd, 2013. This is the reality of life for elephants in countries who support this form of elephant tourism.