Dr. Nubian OmiSayade Sun, LCSW-BACS

Real Estate Investor, Educator, and Social Entrepreneur in New Orleans, Louisiana

Dr. Nubian OmiSayade Sun, born in Memphis, TN (Home of the Blues), is a visionary Healing Centered Leader, Educator, and Social Entrepreneur, dedicated to dismantling systemic inequities, fostering healing centered learning environments, and inciting the spirit of social entrepreneurship across systems of practice. Holding a doctoral degree from the prestigious, Whitney M. Young, Jr., School of Social Work at Clark Atlanta University, Dr. Sun's scholarly contributions provide insight into the experiences of marginalized communities across community and institutional settings. As a dynamic speaker, Dr. Sun has engaged audiences, inspiring critical conversations and mobilizing action for transformative change. Dr. Sun's commitment to healing centered engagement extends beyond academia, as they actively collaborate with community organizations and institutions to amplify marginalized voices, and co-create pathways to social entrepreneurship with underrepresented individuals. Dr. Nubian Sun continues to leave an indelible mark on academia and the broader movement for a more just and healing centered society.