Dr. Rowan Molnar

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Dr. Rowan Molnar loves his vocation. Ask him to comment about his work in anaesthesiology and his face lights up.

A senior specialist anaesthetist with extensive clinical experience in anaesthesia at a tertiary referral hospital level, both in Australia and internationally, Rowan’s patients are testament to the confidence they have for the value of his adept work.

Clinical specialisation in cardiac surgery, orthopaedic surgery, tumour surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery. Specific expertise in anaesthesia for critically ill patients, surgery where major blood loss involved and those with major medical co morbidities.

Dedicated to medical education at all levels, particularly in establishment, deployment and implementation of simulation based teaching.

Rowan is a recognised leader with a demonstrated ability to constantly strive for excellence in the ever changing world of medicine.

In his spare time Rowan enjoys flying the Australian designed Jabiru which has earned him the title – ‘The Flying Doctor’.

  • Work
    • Launceston General Hospital
  • Education
    • Harvard Medical School
    • MGH Institute oh Health Professionals
    • Harvard Business School
    • University of Melbourne