Dr. Sean Wharton

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dr. Sean Wharton is an internal medicine specialist with a focus on weight and diabetic management care. Dr. Wharton also focuses on hypertension, which is one of the most severe complications related to obesity. His interest in the field stems from his fascination with ethnicity as it relates to medicine. Dr. Wharton also focuses on diabetes management, a disease that an estimated 25% of overweight patients suffer from.

Dr. Wharton has doctorate degrees in both Pharmacy and Medicine. He completed medical school at the University of Toronto and finished his Internal Medicine residency at McMaster University. Dr. Wharton is a member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, the Canadian Obesity Network, and the Canadian Association of Bariatric Surgeons and Physicians. In addition to working as an internal medicine specialist at Toronto East General Hospital, where he has been since 2006, Dr. Wharton is the founder and lead medical doctor of the Wharton Medical Clinic.

The Wharton Medical Clinic is a community-based internal medicine weight management clinic. It offers comprehensive solutions to the most serious problems related to obesity and diabetes. The clinic’s treatment plans focus on decreasing cardiovascular risk factors such as high blood pressure and cholesterol by educating patients in strategies they may use themselves to deal with their chronic conditions.

The Wharton Medical Clinic employs a team of 11 physicians, in addition to behavioral therapists, exercise specialists, dieticians, nutritionists, and administrators. Clinic staff members operate under the principles outlined in the Canadian clinical guidelines for the treatment of obesity, which includes recommendations for dietary changes and exercise. Clinic staff also makes use of behavioral assistance such as meal replacement and pharmacotherapy and surgery. Prospective patients can learn more about the clinic by calling 1-855-210-0739 or by visiting http://www.whartonmedicalclinic.com/.

With the continuous hard work of Dr. Sean Wheaton and his colleagues, the medical community is slowly developing more weapons to fight obesity, which remains one of the most serious and widespread health problems in the Western world.

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