Dr. Sheryll Francisco

Small Business Owner, Doctor, and Volunteer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dr. Sheryll Francisco

Small Business Owner, Doctor, and Volunteer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Member - Corps St Lazarus International CSLI Indonesia #UnitedNations #ECOSOC

UIPM President UAE - Universal Institute of Professional Management UIPMcenter.net

Certified Global Admin/Head, Administration & Policies - GSFEN Global Socio-Economic and Financial Evolution Network GSFENnetwork.org

Founder Owner/CEO, GSF-WHA (World Humanitarians Academy) Training and Development Services

I am a Small Business Owner, Doctor, Educator, Humanitarian, Peace and Goodwill Ambassador currently living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. My interests range from causes to volunteering. I am also interested in education, healthcare, music and coffee.

Simply just, an ordinary entity who always love to live in Simplicity. Not to mention aside else, humbled with diversified skills set investment: Industry Knowledge in Entrepreneurship, Human Rights, Social Science, Mental Healthcare, Education, Music, Medicine and Interpersonal Skills. And essentially above all, a little bit of every thing that makes a HEART, at your service.

I firmly believe and do hold most in aiming dreams through 'self reliance' in accordance with a great, strong and goal-oriented foundation -- LIVE A LIFE WITH PURPOSE, my ever goal....I know, I have this lifetime job already but I still want to spend my freedom in a more satisfying, contently joyous way, reaching out for others.


GSF - WHA WORLD HUMANITARIANS ACADEMY - Training and Development Services 《RC : 1034095》

GSF-World Humanitarians Academy is committed to honesty, accountability and transparency in all our endeavors.

We are there to promote and advocate for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Humanitarian Actions, as well as provide a worthwhile, quality service. We are a highly-respected educational institution that recognizes the worth of all individuals through certifications and awards, providing opportunities to attain an excellent education through vocational and professional skills training, full participation in culture, universal access to research and education - as to drive a new long and distinct period of development, growth and productivity for every individual in the community and the world at large.

⛳ GSF - WHA and Spread LOVE - G were already in, Current Signatories to United Nations' The SDG Accord, both as an Institution and me, SPREAD LOVE - G (Independent Volunteer Humanitarian, since decades) as Individual.

⛳ GSF - WHA has been Accredited as a CPD Training Provider by the CPD Group London, United Kingdom. 09/19/19

  • Education
    • International Institute of Chartered Humanitarians
    • Universal Institute of Professional Management
    • Asian University International
    • The University of Queensland