Dr. Thedia Samara

Artist, Writer, and Doctor in New York, NY

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Thedia Samara, Ph.D. is a multipotentialite and multi-hyphenate: creative entrepreneur, singer/songwriter, producer, playwright, screenwriter,award-winning poet and publisher. Samara's educational background includes graduating magna cum laude with degrees in Business Management, Organizational Leadership and Ph.D. in Music with concentration in Music Education and Pedagogy. Thedia is a member of Sigma Alpha Pi, the nation's largest leadership honor society. She is also the CEO and Founder of

HisGift Consolidated, LLC, a managing entity of corporate enterprises based inenrichmenteducation, the creative arts, publishing and entertainment.Dr. Samara has been in many facets of the entertainment industry. She has been a model,backup and commercial singer, dancer, and has performed original poetry and songs. Thedia is a proud member of organizations that promote social awareness and self-esteem; work to end systemic racism and modern day slavery, sponsors children and mentors college bound teens. For more information on Dr. Thedia Samara visit her artist profile page on www.stage32.com/thedia.