Vladimir Katasonov

audio-visual artist in Saint Petersburg, Russia

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my name is Vladimir Katasonov (aka dr_qatz). I started to experiment with sound back in 2000s. IDM explorers of 90s and Autechre were my key inspiration sources then.

Later, I discovered possibilities of visual content manipulation in 2005. Sounds and visuals began to co-exist during my performances creating a hypnotic, ritual, and representative effect.

After a few years of VJing I've ran into AudioVisual Academy courses in 2012. They enabled me to master a huge set of tools meant for visual content creation. Books and multimedia from 'Lummiere' cinephile club at 'Borei' gallery were also very helpful. So, I create generative graphics using visual programming platforms ever since. I try to show images united by a complex videomapping paradigm. I also investigate algorythms of media feedback interactions using sensors. Last but not least, I collect videoart and translate shorts from time to time.