DragonDon Belmore

Tech, IT, and Web Developer in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

DragonDon Belmore

Tech, IT, and Web Developer in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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You would think that replacing a waterpump on a 1974 Dodge Charger SE would have nothing to do with my Technical Skills but you would be surprised.

I love cars. Specifically older Mopars and recently, Volvos. Owning a 1974 Dodge Charger SE as a first car was quite the experience. So was sitting beside my brother on the radiator support and changing the waterpump! Still, doing things by my own hands and making changes to improve something was a pure expression of creativity and efficiency.

When I was younger, I was fascinated by how things worked. I once owned one of those original ‘Mickey Mouse’ watches. One day it stopped working, so I took it apart. I never got it back together again but that was probably the start of my curiosity in technology.

I learned where my values were at a young age. Being creative was certainly one of them. Building a go kart, based on Mark Hamil’s movie Corvette Summer, showcased both my love of all things mechanical and the ability to express myself by re-creating a hoodscoop!

In later years and with real cars, I furthered that expression with my hands-on approach as well as tweaking things for both more power and efficiency. The idea of integrating modern technology into older cars stuck with me and continues to do so. From simply installing radios to using old cell phones as a screen to read OBD II computer output from newer vehicle, I never stopped learning and evolving.

When I turned to the IT Industry as a profession, my hobby became a fully developed learning machine. I applied my enthusiasm without limit and when I graduated with a 95% average from my CDI Networking course, I was thrilled and in my element.

Working with others also confirms my passion for technology:

“Don was a key member of my deployment team. he provided leadership and technical skills beyond what was expected of him. he quickly became my primary support technician for the rest of my 25 person team. I would happily work with him again.”

Kelly Davis

“Don's dedication to IT support is clearly evident whether is was at Mercer or my home when timely repair and - or troubleshooting was required. He was always well briefed on the latest trends, products and virus protection and ensured the job was done right. I would highly recommend Don to any individual or company.”

Darren McLeod