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Kat Crawford

Kat Crawford

Kat studied musical theatre performance at Mountview Theatre School in London, England. And she still sings her heart out but does it while building blogs, typing tweets, and Facebooking frantically. Kat started teaching in NYC in 2001 and taught drama for many years until arts positions began to dwindle. Pursuing a master’s degree at Walden University in Integrating Technology in the Classroom, Kat found her new calling. Technology came as easy as a song and a dance. Kat continued to go to school and received an Ed. S. in Educational Technology.

Kat joined the Center for Educational Excellence in Alternative Settings (CEEAS) February 2013 as the Director of Technology Solutions. Since then she has made an impact in secure care schools in more than twenty-four states. She uses her comic timing to deliver high-quality, interactive, and engaging professional development to teachers and administrators in secure settings.

She has played an integral role in developing and designing nationwide initiatives such as Words Unlocked, Untold Stories, Start from Scratch, and Unbound. At the beginning of 2014, CEEAS launched Unjammed, a blended learning initiative for juvenile justice agencies interested in using technology to transform teaching and learning inside of their secure care facilities. Kat is the lead for this initiative and has managed the administrative and teacher interface of the project. This successful initiative received many standing ovations and was recently featured on NPR’s Marketplace. Kat is looking forward to returning to the stage for Unjammed 2.0 in 2015.

Kat lives in Austin, Texas with her bearded betrothed, two minecrafting daughters, four tiny dogs, and one churlish chinchilla.