Dr Anna Becker

Entrepreneur and AI Investor in Israel

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At the helm of EndoTech, Dr. Anna Becker merges artificial intelligence with financial expertise, steering the firm as its CEO and Co-founder to groundbreaking heights in the FinTech domain. She oversees the stewardship of nearly a billion dollars, driven by sophisticated deep learning technologies.

A PhD holder from the renowned Technion Institute, Dr. Becker’s academic prowess has deeply influenced her pioneering work in machine learning, particularly within the financial sector.

Dr. Becker’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident long before EndoTech's inception, having established and profitably divested from various AI-focused financial ventures, including the notable Strategy Runner. Her expertise lies in her ability to meld intricate algorithmic design with profitable financial strategy, marking her as an essential figure in the industry.

Beyond her role as an executive, she plays a hands-on part in leading a team of exceptional AI professionals at EndoTech, constantly pushing the envelope in investment management technology. The algorithms developed under her guidance have stood the test of time, emphasizing her dedication to creating enduring and dependable solutions.

Recognized by numerous accolades, Dr. Becker’s contributions to AI and FinTech have distinguished her as a leading authority and innovator. Her thoughts and findings are regularly sought at conferences and symposia and feature prominently in leading academic publications.

In essence, Dr. Anna Becker is a driving force in AI-enhanced financial tech. From her academic origins to her current influence at EndoTech, her relentless innovation and leadership continue to set the stage for future breakthroughs in the sphere of AI finance.