Dr. Ashok J Bharucha

Adult and Geriatric Psychiatrist in South Abington Township, PA

In South Abington Township, Pennsylvania, a private clinic called Transformations Adult and Geriatric Psychiatry, P.C. employs Dr. Ashok J. Bharucha, MD, MA, as a geriatric psychiatrist. Dr. Ashok J. Bharucha is a skilled expert in dementia and late-life disorders who is well-versed in adult and geriatric psychiatry as well as the management of conditions at the nexus of neurology, medicine, and psychiatry. He works to achieve the best outcomes for patients by combining pharmacology (psychoactive medications) and psychotherapy (talk therapy).

Dr. Barucha, the director of Transformations Adult and Geriatric Psychiatry, seeks to build a collaborative therapy connection with each patient that not only improves their feeling of wellbeing but also advances their goals for realizing their full potential.