Drayton Road

Fayetteville, NC

You grow up listening to your heroes on the radio. You dream of one day to be in their shoes, to be a hero to some kid. In our part of North Carolina we listen to the only radio station that plays Rock, Rock 103. The radio station is hidden on little road named Drayton in Fayetteville. Being played on Rock 103 has always been our goal. This is where the dream could begin.

On the other side of the music scene Jacob Smotherman’s (Singer/Guitarist - Evans City Saints) band had decided to part ways. Jacob saw their demise as an opportunity to start something new. He signed up for auditions to “The Voice” (a show on NBC) and thought to himself “Who can I get to go with me?” Jacob then emailed Brent and the two along with mutual friend Dustin Lowery (Singer of Either Seeds/New Era Project) headed to Atlanta for the weekend. Unfortunately the three didn’t make it on the show, but from lemons came lemonade and they started a band! Brent then emailed his friend Harry Godwin (Drummer of Iselia, Kaustic and Phuket Underwater) and asked if he would be interested in playing. Luckily Harry agreed leaving only the Bass position needed. This position is one of the most important and underrated positions of all, the bass player. In what could only be called fate Brent received a Facebook post from Nick Peeler (Former Bass – The Devils Roundhouse) that simply read “Have Bass will travel!” Thus Drayton Road was born. After the recording of their E.P. "From the Road". The E.P. was better than they could have imagined but they knew they were still missing something, a Lead player. We already had a solo on the song "September Skies" played by Mike "Rex" McPherson from Dead by Dawn ( Brent's first band) and the role of Lead Guitarist was never one Jacob or Brent wanted or could fill so they looked to the music scene. Fortunately they got there first pick, Jesse Jones. (Lead Guitarist of Driven) Jesse, Brent and Harry have know each other for a very long time. Probably playing more than 30 shows together collectively so needless to say it worked! Unfortunately the distance Nick had to travel for practice (over 2 1/2 hours) made it hard for the band to move forward at the rate they wanted, so it was with a heavy heart that the band positively parted ways with Nick Peeler. Leaving the role of Bass player vacant. Once again the guys turned to the local music scene and once again found a natural fit, Brad Barrett. (Bass player of the bands Pinebox Destiny