Bruce Worrell

Bruce Worrell, D.O. provides services in primary care and internal medicine, with three decades of experience working on the Ohio side of the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky metropolitan area. He specializes in pain management, preventative healthcare, and alternative medicine, with patients ranging in age from young adults to senior citizens. A graduate of Gettysburg College in 1972, Bruce Worrell studied at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. He earned his medical degree in 1977 and subsequently spent four years training at Kettering Health Network’s Grandview Medical Center in Dayton, Ohio, and became the Chief Medical Resident at the center in 1980.

After completing training, Dr. Bruce Worrell settled into the Cincinnati area and entered private practice in 1981 in the suburb Deer Park for 16 years. During this time, he established his approach to healthcare, forming long-term relationships built on preventative care with patients. He also developed a strong bond with Cincinnati’s The Jewish Hospital of Catholic Healthcare Partners, serving as its Medical Director for the Pain Program and establishing and directing the Cardiopulmonary department in 1985. As a result of his achievements and commitment to care, Dr. Bruce Worrell received an appointment in 1989 as Chief of Staff at the hospital, and he maintains an affiliation with the facility today.

Later in his career, Dr. Bruce Worrell joined Butler Health Associates in Springdale, Ohio, as an Internal Medicine/Primary Care Physician. Sharpening his approach to preventative care over the years, he helped to increase the patient population of the organization by half. He would later repeat this success at Health Plus in Cincinnati, increasing the patient population by a fifth. Dr. Bruce Worrell served as an Internal Medicine/Primary Care Physician both in the office at Urgent Care of Hamilton and on the road with My Doctor Makes Housecalls in Loveland, Ohio. He currently oversees the Center for Optimal Vitality in Cincinnati, which offers bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to menopausal women.