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The road ahead beckons. Change happens. To change your mind, details matter. Reality eclipses fantasies, dreams and outdated appearance labels. Today we live in a Galileo Mind-Moment. Technology reveals a new universe with new rules.

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Let's travel together with freshening data perspectives. Everyone knows: how you look is not necessarily who you are.

As an author,* a neuroscientist certified for brain imaging since '03, and a practicing child & adult psychiatrist, I've witnessed imprecision for years - my own and others. Let's use real data to improve psychiatric outcomes.

Why my years of ADHD fuss? - ADHD diagnoses and treatments provide easy examples of label limitations - with obvious, profound brain function denial.

- ADHD is the most frequently misunderstood, misdiagnosed and mistreated psychiatric condition on the planet.

- If static ADHD labels rule over the dynamic reality of brain function, just imagine what's going on with depression, anxiety and bipolar illness. At CoreBrain Journal, we review the entire spectrum of inadequate labels and evolving treatment options.

- "ADHD" is a glaring example of a serious global problem in psychiatry that overlooks the individualized complexity of measurable neurophysiology.

Share this message. Public curiosity and frustration will change the outdated standard of appearance diagnosis and treatment guesswork in mind health. Click on our website to join this essential conversation.

*Books: Deep Recovery - Essential Rules For Self Management '92 | New ADHD Medication Rules - Brain Science & Common Sense '11 - http://geni.us/adhd | CorePsych.com Articles: more than 460 |

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