Dr Chiedza Kambasha

Volunteer, Mother, and Consultant in Zimbabwe

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CHIEDZA KAMBASHA, PhD DBLI, is one of the leading strategy experts in Africa. She is also the official licensed practitioner of Swiss tech firm RST, Chief Operating Officer of Hemmingworth Cartwright and Chief Technology Officer/Senior Partner of Ashcroft Holdings subsidiary Ashcroft Kambasha Gaddaffi. She is a seasoned speaker and consultant to various governments on international business, business intelligence, technology, strategic alliance matrix development and key growth sector advancement.

A seasoned management professional, author , businesswoman, mother and turn-around strategist,a speaker at various events for corporate companies, schools and private occasions . Chiedza sits on various boards and is an entrepreneur that runs several businesses in Europe and Africa.





Imaginative Doer

Risk Taker


Sales Knowledge




Customer Service

Communication Effective

Voluntary Experience:

Teaching English in rural Sub-Sahara Africa, Advocate for Clean Living and Sustainable Environments in rural villages .

Sponsor and fundraiser for education, housing and healthcare initiatives towards a sustainable Africa including distribution of solar powered water purification systems.


Active member of the Chairmans Network and the Commonwealth Club, Avid participant of croquet, golf, swimming, philanthropy and fashion design

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