Dr. Christopher Zed

Dental Surgeon in Vancouver, BC

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Dr. Christopher Zed believes in patient-centered care - treating each patient with the same respect and service that he would ask for himself. Currently, he is a dental surgeon with Bayview Lonsdale Dental. There, he has been a part of one of the best teams in dental healthcare. He is no stranger to working as a member of a team, having previously worked as the chief of medicine with the Vancouver General Hospital. It's there that he developed deeper understandings of dental healthcare, and he has been a part of multiple peer-reviewed dental healthcare studies. He is the proud father of 4 children, and he spends most of this free time with them.

Since 2014, Christopher has been a Principle Associate with Apnea Dental, a sleep disorder treatment center located in Vancouver, Canada. He also spent a decade serving as the Chief of Dentistry at Vancouver General Hospital.

Dr. Christopher Zed has always been passionate about the compassionate and patient-focused side of the dental industry. His other primary interests include dental information and education, but he has always emphasized the importance of clients having a say in their own dental care.

At one time, Dr. Christopher Zed was a Clinical Professor at UBC, as well as Chief of Dentistry at Vancouver General Hospital. He has published numerous peer-reviewed articles on a variety of subjects, including oral cancer and community dentistry. Dr. Zed has also served as the Olympic Chief of Dentistry for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. While in this role, he spoke about the necessity of proper dental care for athletes.