Minas Chrysopoulo, MD FACS

President of PRMA Plastic Surgery and Founder of Toliman Health in San Antonio, Texas

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I am a board-certified plastic surgeon and microsurgeon, and President of PRMA Plastic Surgery. I specialize in state-of-the-art breast reconstruction with a particular focus on perforator flap breast reconstruction, techniques to maximize aesthetic outcomes after breast cancer surgery, and restoring sensation after mastectomy.

I am also a strong advocate for shared decision-making (SDM) between the healthcare team and patient, and am very proud to co-lead the Shared Decisions and Personalized Care Expert Group at the World Health Innovation Summit (WHIS).

I am the founder of Toliman Health, a digital health company committed to helping physicians and healthcare organizations improve patient experience and outcomes via empowering shared decision-making technology. Toliman’s flagship product, the Breast Advocate App, is the World's first shared decision-making app for breast cancer surgery and breast reconstruction. Breast Advocate® provides anyone with a breast cancer diagnosis, or at risk of developing breast cancer, a much needed voice in their breast cancer surgery decision making.

I also enjoy advising businesses related to plastic surgery, cancer care, shared decision-making, and digital health. I also offer consulting for companies wishing to partner with the WHIS Shared Decisions and Personalized Care group on SDG3 projects.

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