Minas Chrysopoulo, MD FACS

Plastic Surgeon, Innovator, and Advisor

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I am a board-certified plastic surgeon and microsurgeon, and President of PRMA Plastic Surgery in San Antonio, Texas. I specialize in state-of-the-art breast reconstruction with a particular focus on perforator flap breast reconstruction, techniques to maximize aesthetic outcomes after breast cancer surgery, and restoring sensation after mastectomy.

I am also a strong advocate for shared decision-making (SDM) between the healthcare team and patient, and am very proud to co-lead the Shared Decisions and Personalized Care Expert Group at the World Health Innovation Summit (WHIS).

I am the founder of Toliman Health, a digital health company committed to helping physicians, healthcare organizations, and industry improve patient experience and outcomes via empowering shared decision-making technology. Toliman’s flagship product, the Breast Advocate App, is the World's first shared decision-making app for breast cancer surgery and breast reconstruction. Breast Advocate® provides anyone with a breast cancer diagnosis, or at risk of developing breast cancer, a much needed voice in their breast cancer surgery decision making.

Another area of strong interest for me is skincare safety, particularly for cancer survivors. Considering the necessary high safety profile required for patients after a cancer diagnosis and treatment, I created InviCible Skincare to ensure my patients had access to only top-quality safe, ethical, and effective ingredients. I believe everyone deserves the same high quality and safety in their skincare.

I also enjoy advising businesses related to plastic surgery, cancer care, shared decision-making, digital health, and SDG3-related projects.

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