Dr. Craig Kaiser, DPM

Podiatrist and Foot and Ankle Surgery Specialist in Brooklyn, NY

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Dr. Craig Kaiser, DPM is a licensed Podiatrist. Catering to a holistic approach, Dr. Kaiser’s comprehensive care methods are appreciated by his patients. Although he primarily specializes in the area of foot and ankle surgeries, the Podiatrist takes into consideration all potential factors when developing solutions for his patients.

Maintaining License N005189, Dr. Craig Kaiser, DPM is licensed to administer podiatric care in the state of New York. Dr. Kaiser currently operates at New York Brooklyn Methodist Hospital and Maimonides Medical Center, which are both located in Brooklyn, New York.

Uniquely qualified, Dr. Kaiser is revered for his ability to detect diseases that present symptoms in the lower extremities. He is an expert in detecting warning signs pertinent to the early stages of diabetes, arthritis and cardiovascular disease. His incredible ability in this area is a testament to his comprehensive and holistic approach to podiatric care.