Dr. Daymond Glenn

Scholar, Consultant, and Public Speaker in Portland, Oregon

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Dr. Daymond Glenn is a professor, administrator, scholar, author, consultant, and public speaker in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Glenn has held senior administrative and faculty positions at various colleges where he has taught undergraduate and graduate courses on multicultural education, educational theory, race and education, hip-hop culture, and urban issues/social concerns.

Dr. Glenn’s research interests include the college experiences of undergraduate Black males attending predominantly White institutions, reimagining diversity in the workplace, and he is carving out a new research niche that examines the complexity of hip-hop culture and its implications for understanding how Black males find meaning, being, and purpose within various contexts of social and structural marginalization. Additionally, Dr. Glenn is part of an editorial team of scholars for the national Journal for Hip-Hop Studies, and he is the author of Critical Condition: Black Males and Multiculturalism in Higher Education. In his book, Dr. Glenn discusses the challenges, complexities, and possibilities of Black males and multiculturalism in predominantly White institutions of higher education.

Dr. Glenn holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science from Portland State University, a Master’s degree in Educational Administration from Lewis & Clark College, and a Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from Lewis & Clark College.

  • Education
    • Portland State University
    • Lewis & Clark College