Drew Franklin

Austin, Texas, United States

I moved to Austin in the late 70s to attend school. My interest include peace of mind, old classic movies, cycling, hiking, cloud watching and stargazing, and many other cheap thrills and fun activities.

Web Designer & online promotions (marketing) who has worked with numerous bands and musicians over the years. In 2010 my primary focus switched from the music industry to real estate, and the restaurant biz.

Former 1990's/ 2000's DMOZ Open Directory Editor.

Created IRC chat scripts for WebTv chat community in the 90's. Started Chatcabana, a popular 90's Geocities hosted IRC chat website and community. It consisted of image enhanced novelty themed chatrooms hosted via TalkCity servers.

I was a teen in the 70s. I still have my 45 RPM and LP vinyl records, and still play them.

...and I'm just like you, only different : )

  • Work
    • Web Designer
  • Education
    • Capital City Trade & Tech
    • Art Institute of Houston