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Drew Moynihan

Austin, Tx Usa

Drew Moynihan has a rich and diversified background in Information Technology, Mobile Product Development, and Operations Management. He is known as a proactive, solutions-driven, innovative business technology leader, with an eye toward innovation, simplicity, and eco-responsibility.

In 2014 Drew joined as their permanent CITO, a new start-up focused on simplifying the real estate rental search market..

Drew is also helping form a new company in Jinju, South Korea with Andrew Blair, Mekkis Labs. Mekkis creates ESL (English as a Second Language) software for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. In early 2011 Mekkis Labs was selected as a second place finalist in the MIT Global Startup Workshop in Seoul, South Korea.

In 2009, Drew founded Techarati to helps startups and businesses address their most complex and unique technical challenges. Techarati's focus is primarily on large scale and high availability enterprises with an emphasis on smart phone app development, web-enabled applications, and Cloud computing. Drew was nominated for "Technology Innovator of the Year" in 2011 by the Austin Business Journal. He sold Techarati in 2012 to SnakeHead Software.

Drew also co-founded Docuda Inc. in 2008, with Tomas Class, as President and COO. He lead the company's daily operations through the end of 2009, while working with Docuda's partners to extend consumer reach through smart technologies.

With more than 19 years in Information Technology, Operations management, CRM development, new web technologies, traditional media technologies, and social media, Drew‘s vision is focused on instilling the operational philosophy, "client-focused, service-oriented, and team-based". He is Passionate about technology and its possibilities, and he supports open development models that stimulate communication, creativity and innovation across all divisions within an enterprise.

Drew’s educational background is in electronics from Texas A&M University and Business Technology from Texas State University, and maintains ties to Texas State to this day.